Disrupting the Nuesh

Another day taking care of Dinka, fanning him whilst he entertains one of the other lazy slobs. He treats us well, so I can’t complain too much; it allows me to carry out my important work.

It turns out a new trade delegation was due in to port within the next few days with some breeding stock that I had to negotiate for (best to get them close to me, other families aren’t as forgiving). Dinka was willing to give up substandard elven fruit to the traders but my silver tongue and ability to cover my true feelings worked in my favour and we secured the deal.

Prior to this I had received word that a companion of old, who had previously dealt with this family, was in town but had gone missing. Those Nuesh had captured him, luckily my unique skills allowed me to sneak in and break him free, much to the disappointment of Idigg.

Gent had stupidly signed us up to be the guards to a caravan in the elven forest, a journey which led to my poisoning by a weird barbed plant. I am not cut out for this adventuring life.


Jefantos HarryParker

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